Our enterprise

Heratec, a personal experience driven by a taste for technicality and expertise: ‘THE SKY’S OUR LIMIT’

Our background

From Dubouchet to HERATEC

Founded in the early 1980s, Dubouchet (former name of HERATEC) initially specialised in traditional modelling and then expanded to thermoforming moulds for packaging and then to the automotive industry. It joined the Vacher Group in 2002 and began developing expertise in composites. Renamed HERATEC in 2016, our company is now deployed in France and abroad to support you in your development and to offer innovative technical solutions.

A strong taste for challenges

Always ready to work on complex and innovative projects, we like to develop our products by pushing back the initial limits thanks to our technicians committed to continuously improving processes for better productivity of your machines. Our tools may be basic, but they reflect precision and ingenious work. Our design & engineering office, equipped with CATIA V5 stations, will shape the project that binds us.

Our teams

We work with you every step of the way, from preliminary design up to marketing, including the prototype and production tools. Our multi-disciplinary teams develop solutions for you in the best price and turnaround time conditions. Our approach is to understand your needs and your business, to work on solutions with you, find the implementation means, and propose the best technical and economic preliminary design. This collective commitment is reflected in our ISO 9001 and EN 9100V2018 certifications.

Our markets

Aeronautics, Automotive, Packaging, Medical, Defence, and Energy are among the main industries we supply.

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