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Do you really have to fit into the mould?

Mickael Girard, Management Director of HERATEC FRANCE and Industrial Management Director of the VACHER Group tells us more …

What is your background with HERATEC?

I joined the Vacher Group and, more specifically, Heratec in December 2018 after eighteen years in the industry working for a family group in the region.

Since I started work at Heratec, I have devoted all my efforts to organising HERATEC to really enter into a performance process. The teams needed to be restructured in order to perform in each of our areas of expertise. My task begins at the beginning of the contract and ends when the invoice is issued. As such, I have an eye on the entire process which allows me to hone each project to make it the most efficient for our customers.

What is your goal/vision for Heratec?

My goal is to get HERATEC to excel in its core businesses as well as in new sectors, because the diversity of our employees, who are at the heart of our operations, allows us to address different types of markets. We are up and running and ready and structured to win new projects and new markets. Does our team really need to ‘fit’ into the mould or can it ‘think outside of the box’? It is important to think outside of the box while remaining within the project’s limits, bringing together our best human resources, and optimising the new technologies of our machines.

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